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#1 - YES YOU CAN stay late at work - without worry!

#2 - YES YOU CAN go out to dinner after work - without worry!

#3 - YES YOU CAN travel out of town for work OR pleasure - without having to ask family, friends or neighbors!

#4 - Need help getting your pet to your groomer, day care facility or veterinarian appointment?

#5 - Need potty breaks for a new puppy or elderly canine?  YES WE CAN!

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All visits include feeding, fresh water, potty time and lots of special attention.  *Please do not book a "check-in visit" if your pet needs more than 10 minutes of attention.

Standard Pet Visit | 30 Minute[$20]

In Home Pet Visit catered to your pet(s) needs.            *Add $2 for each additional pet.

Standard Plus Pet Visit | 45 Minute [$24]

In Home Pet Visit catered to your pet(s) needs.

Extended Pet Visit | 1 Hour[$28]

In Home Pet Visit catered to your pet(s) needs. 

Doggie/Cat Check-in Visit | 10-15 Minutes[$16]

A short visit to let your pet out for a potty break.   *No Leash Walking.  No extras included in this visit.  [This is a potty break ONLY visit - please do not book this visit if your requirements will take longer than 15 minutes]

Pet Transportation | One Way [$28] 

A Pet Guardian will provide pet transportation to/from doggie day care, the vet's office, or grooming appointments. 

Overnight Visits | 8 Hours [$75]

A Pet Guardian will sleep over with your pet(s) in your home.  This also increases the security of your home while you are away.  
*Call for Details

Vacation/Travel Care | The last thing we want you worry about is your pet when you have to be away.  Our Pet Guardians cater to your needs, as well as your pet's, to ensure worry free travel! 

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​services include the following: 

in-home professional pet sitting