Contact us with your Dog Walking service needs in Collierville or Germantown, and we will get back with you to discuss a plan and schedule that best fits you!

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daily dog walking in collierville or Germantown for a happier, healthier and better behaved canine!

#1 - Healthy Pet.

Your dog gets the regular exercise he or she needs to be happy, healthy, agile and limber.

#2 - Got Destructive Behavior?

Regular walks help keep your dog from getting bored which eliminates the possibility of destructive behavior.

#3 - Calmer Pet 

Walks can help to alleviate extra energy, calming down your pet and reducing hyperactivity, excitability, and nighttime activity.  A walk can help your pet to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.

#4 - Timid Canine?  

Regular walks help build your pet's confidence and trust in strangers, neighbors & nearby friends.

#5 - Unruly and Annoying?

Barking, whining and/or jumping on people can be attention seeking behaviors or pent up energy that a regular dog walk can help reduce.

​​*Add $3 for each additional dog. (Limit 3 dogs per walk)

Dog Walk - 30 

30 Minute Dog Walk in your dog's neighborhood.    

Dog Walk - 45

45 Minute Dog Walk in your dog's neighborhood.  

Dog Walk - 60

60 Minute Dog Walk in your dog's neighborhood. 

Daily Dog Walking 

Mon through Fri A Pet Guardian will walk your dog 3 to 5 times per week.  (Your dog must be up to date on shots.)  We do not allow leash free play with other unknown canines to protect your dog from harm. 

*Only dogs that know each other are permitted to walk together.




Your dog shouldn't have to keep business hours